Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thread Struggles

I have spent a few days trying to quilt this wallhanging size quilt, or small throw. I was really not thinking and decided to use Superior's Poly Quilter because it had a thickness I wanted to use. However, I didn't have a Topstitch size 16 needle, only a 14 or a denim 16 and really struggled with thread breakage. I think it also had to do with drag on the thread, two layers of batik (and seams also), dense cotton batting and spray basting. I went through all the troublesheeting stuff on the Superior site also.

My kindergarten unit right now is "Stick to It" aka persaverance so did persavere and and finally got the right combination of needles, speed, tension, etc. and finished! I bound it and now have another finished project.

The top is from a "Bag Lady" swap. You send a gallon size bag of fabric/blocks, etc. and get back a finished top. This one was made by Sharon in WA and I love it! I had those two oddball blocks and sent them with a bunch of fabric and I'm thrilled with the results!

I thought this was going to be a quick project in between some commission projects. I have several of those lined up and told myself that I would quilt one of my things in between in each of them.


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Ohhh lovely. I took the quilt that you quilted for me to a sew-in this weekend - and it was declared one of the best in machine quilting. I was happy with that!!!! Everyone just loved the variegated thread.

Keep up the good work - I love tha little wall hanging.

Karen said...

Wonderful quilt!

Tink said...

You do such terrific machine quilting work...inspiring!

Anonymous said...

A little progress? HA! You are kicking my butt girl! Now that I buried you under all that fabric, I suspect you don't want to speak to me anymore. Kidding! I'm swamped too, but one of these days, yes, one of these days... :)

Great work!

Cindy said...

You always do such lovely work but I am especially awed by your tenacity to stick with it when having such troubles! :)