Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I am actually taking time to post today! It's been a rat race lately it seems with work, meetings, etc. My appointment with the tax man is behind me for the farm and our stuff, I have one out of three kids taxes done. I haven't gotten much in the line of quilting done, but here is what I have accomplished recently.This is a quilt I recently machine quilted for my friend Jo. Most of the quilting is straight lines except for around the motifs in the seed packet blocks. There were some areas left for tying also, which Jo had requested.
Last year my small design group had a UFO auction to raise funds to buy some instructional and technique videos for our group. One member had this walhanging made and even had a piece of batting with it but didn't quilt it. I bought it for $5 and decided to finish it up last week. I added some beads for eyes and lots of fun background quilting and even some metallic thread.
This project has a story. I think I may have posted about it last year, but to save you (and me) the time of digging in my archives I will repeat it! This was a round robin in about 2001. It went missing, supposedly mailed, although the person hadn't done it herself. Early last year the woman who was the last person to see it was home when someone knocked at her door. A woman had been cleaning out her son's bedroom to make a sewing room coincidentally and he was in prison. He had been in a lot of trouble over the years and she found this package in the back of his closet! It had Sue's name on it, so she showed up with it, taking a chance. It wasn't in it's original envelope with my name on it. It turns out the package was in a vehicle and the son had stolen the package looking for something to cell for drug money they assume.

I quilted it several months ago but wanted to add beading and finally finished that up this past week.


Mary said...

Yea, a Round Robin returned. That is a great ending. It's a beauty. I see some nice applique in there...
Happy heart day!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

What a lovely quilt - and what lovely quilting. Beccy just adores the quilt - she said the variegated thread is exactly what she would have chosen.

Your spring wh is darling - and what a great story about the round robin - so glad it came home.

Chris said...

I just had to comment on the lovely "Jo" quilt. It really is lovely. But what caught my eye is the fabric. There's a square with "Muscatine" text on it. Not Muscatine (aka Melon City), Iowa where I'm from but Muscatine at any rate. My friend saw this fabric and bought a bunch to share with me. We hoard it because of the "Muscatine" square. lol

Karen said...

All three quilts are lovely.