Saturday, January 17, 2009

Road Trip Handwork

Let's just say this hasn't been my favorite week, but things are looking up now. There are so many people in the country losing their jobs and I'm lucky that I don't have to deal with that. The things I have going on seem insignificant in comparison to what is going on in the country right now.

I spent a couple evenings cutting up scraps for a Sister's Choice quilt. I am in a small group that we send out fabric and a pattern monthly and get back a finished block and in turn make a block for others.

I did accomplish some handwork while going to Spokane this weekend for two days to visit my dad in CICU. He is finally better and out of intensive care as of today. I took along a block I had prepared for embroidery from the Winter Wonderland pattern by Crabapple Hill Sitting in a hospital gave me time to work on the block and I finished it today.
On the trip home Doug and Brad were doing more combine shopping and I dug under the seat in the car and found a hand piecing project I hadn't touched for two years or so. I had two blocks done and hand pieced the other three on the trip home and even had time for a nap in the car! I got home and got out the 23 blocks I had done and found out the 5 blocks I had in the car are spinning the wrong way, along with two of the blocks I already had here at home. This is a very long term project I saw years ago in Quilter's Newsletter. Now if I could find the picture of the quilt! I am doing it as a charm quilt, so even though some of the fabrics look alike, each one is different.
These are the spinning the wrong way blocks. Next will be my fabric shopping trip today!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

That's a wonderful block - I hope you can work the wrong way ones into the quilt. Love the snowman.

Karen said...

Love the little snowman. I have all the fixing to make Winter Wonderland. I just have to get to it! :)

Karen said...

Thank you for the tips on basting muslin to stitchery. This is very helpful.