Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Baby Graduates this Year

My third and youngest child graduates from high school this year. It's also our 25th wedding anniversary three weeks later so it's a milestone year. Brad is following in his sister's footsteps and graduating as valedictorian (how did we get so lucky?) and will be going onto college majoring in agriculture/plant breeding. Doug and I graduated together from the same high school as the kids in the top ten, but we can't remember ever speaking a word to each other and we had a class of 93 students! We met again five years later, courtesy of my sister!

I digress, I stopped in at a little LQS to start collecting fabric for Brad's graduation quilt. We had decided on a log cabin quilt in a "nature" theme. He is an extreme outdoors kid and has studied forestry in 4-H. Little did I know I would walk out of the shop with all the fabric for the quilt including the backing!
Three greens for one side of the log cabin plus the center fabric, ignore my sewing room floor! The carpet was a renmant and is covering concrete!Three browns for the other side of the block along with the center fabric again. Oops this one is blurry, those are pine prints, except the top one which is wheat. The fabrics are in the washer, I will have to replace this photo!The backing. I will be adding a dark green strip and putting the moose piece down the middle and strips on either side of the bear. These are flannel, a request of Brad's since he likes to use my flannel quilt watching TV!

I dug out Amy's graduation quilt photo from 2005. She picked all the fabrics and pattern. I copied it from webshots so it came out small! Amy has already graduated from college and is teaching Jr.High math.
Here is Lisa's from 2006, notice how radically different the color choices are! Smokey the cat loves quilts! Lisa is a college Jr. majoring in Bio Engineering.

I still need to get all my quilt photos off the other computer and onto my thumb drive so I can access them easier.

My other news is there is also a new LQS in my small town of 3,000 people and I also stopped in there and was asked to be featured quilter for March. I am trying to support both shops because I like everybody and I like fabric!


Mary said...

Sound like I need to take a road trip farther than just to Pomeroy when the weather is nicer in the Spring...

Pieceful Afternoon said...

congrats on the milestones - just wait until your baby turns 40!! I know, a long time away - but not really. Next December our baby will be 40 - I'm just not sure how that happened - especially since I don't feel much over 40 myself.

Love the quilts - and the fabrics for the log cabin are super great - as always, you turn out beautiful work. Bet you have this finished in no time.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Oh yeah - congrats on being the featured quilter at the new shop - and just what will your duties be during your reigh? (Do we call you "your royal highness featured quilter'?) LOL

Tink said...

Milestone year for sure! I love log cabin quilts so much but I have actually never made one, isn't that wierd?
Love reading what you have been up to...big hugs!!!