Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's October? Good grief!

So much for being a better blogger! I get behind and think everything is outdated so I don't end up posting. This is a picture of the "bag lady" exchange top the recipient recieved Monday. Sharon made me the gorgeous curvy top a couple posts ago and this is what I made in exchange. We could send blocks or fabric or a combination, but everything had to fit in a one gallon bag. Sharon sent 9 blocks and some fabrics and after much procrastination this is what I came up with. I added green and happened to find some of the same periwinkle blue in some of the blocks. It was a very fun exchange and I would love to get my top quilted up soon!

I didn't even put pictures of my 4 blue ribbons and best of show on my blog! Our county fair was in mid September and I entered 4 quilts in the professional category. It's easier to win where there is no competition! I swear the judge wasn't nearly as hard on my quilts as she was on the others. One should never in a million years have gotten a blue ribbon, but she didn't even turn it over!

I judged a different county fair last weekend and it is tough picking best of show. I gave this little quilt judges choice, although I only gave it an honorable mention during judging. This photo was from last April hanging at the Moscow, ID quilt show and the quilt belongs to Lisa Puckett. It's interesting judging a fair where you have seen quilt , know the maker and she was standing beside you while you judge!


floribunda said...

ha ha -- I recognize those applique' leaves! they look just as good on your bag-lady quilt as they do on my tomato!

Cindy said...

You did an awesome job on the Bag Lady top. I think it was harder for you gals that got blocks than those of us who got fabric. Lovely!