Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nothing too Exciting

I haven't had anything very exciting to write about. Just the mundane stuff, like it's too hot, weeding the yard and garden, grocery shopping, you get the picture.

I am working on a couple projects which I will be able to post pictures of eventually.

Let's see do you want to know about my UFO's I have to work on and the fact that I keep wanting to start new projects? Now I know there are some people who can stay more on task than me, I wonder if they give lessons?

I love a clean house and work on that alot. However, my sewing room is another story. It's just so cluttered and out of order all the time it drives me nuts. Yet if I spend time cleaning it up it's hard to work in here. It must be my creative genius at work!

I told myself I was going to keep my blog more active, but I guess I have a dull life! Harvest is in full swing, one of my girls and her boyfriend will be here tomorrow for a few days and school starts the 27th.

I wonder how I am going to manage walking once school starts? I have to be at work before I normally get back. My next fun walk is Sept. 6th, it should be more level than the last one but I am still walking these hills up here!

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