Monday, July 24, 2017

Row by Row and Mini

I have completed 16 rows for the Row by Row.  I am in the process of assembling them so I roughly threw them out on the floor with colored strips.  The bottom right shows how it will look with a spacer fabric.  I think it helps calm down the scrappiness.  I am not a huge fan of random scrap quilts so this is a bit much for me, but I think in the end I will be happy with the quilt.  I hope to get it assembled soon, but we have grandkids here and we have a bunch of family things going on when their parents get back.

I joined a quilted pillow cover swap on instagram and showed the fabrics in my last post.  I made 9 blocks finishing at 3" X 4" each.  This is what I had at that point.

I decided I had to make 3 more blocks and added sashing and borders.  It will finish at 16".  I realized my muzzle fabrics don't have a high enough contrast but they look better in person.

Last week I spent a couple days in the lovely town of McCall for my annual huckleberry picking trip with my sisters.  The berries weren't quite as plentiful, but we had fun and went swimming in the COLD lake and took a drive around the lake and saw things we had never seen before.  We also had dinner with our cousin who had arranged for a house for us to stay in again.  These pictures were taken from the north end of the lake, where we had never been before.  The town is at the far end of the lake in the lower picture.


Mary said...

Nice Rows. You're on the way to the Finish line. Those foxes are tiny. I boight huckleberry jelly in Leavenworth. It's so yummy.

Ramona said...

You have some really cute row by row's there, Julie. I love the ones with the vehicles. I'm like you... the totally random scrappy is difficult for me to do. Your fox pillow is going to be adorable! The red and white fox are so cute. You've gotten a lot done with having family there, too. The lake looks so inviting after our long stretch of 90+ degree days here.

Alycia said...

Those rows are turning out great! and your trip - so pretty!

Cindy said...

Wow! That's a lot of finished rows. Lots of cute ones.
Love the foxes. I still have a baby quilt I made with the pattern as a sample for the one I know having babies right now!
And that lake is gorgeous. My hubby retires this friday and Idaho in on my list of states to visit. So much beauty.

Sally said...

Love the red foxes, and the muzzles have good contrast to me. I'm always impressed with how much you get done - the row by rows are fun.