Monday, July 20, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I have been so random at working on things lately, but focused and got a top done.  I really did not need to start yet another project but I started collecting the Row by Row Experience patterns in my travels, the first one on our trip to Oregon (the 4th row down).  I went with a friend to lots of shops within a couple hour driving distance in Idaho and Washington and also picked up one on my huckleberry picking trip to McCall.
twin size row quilt with 11 rows, one of them split and adding some license plate fabric

 I started Bonnie Hunter's Leader Ender challenge  making tumblers.  I went into my stash of 3.5" squares, figure out how to cut them to make a tumbler and the first picture is shown sewn together in pairs.  I thought it was boring, using whites and off whites.  
 I cut some prints and placed them over top and this is much more interesting.  I won't be sewing any of it together, other than in pairs, until I think I have enough for a quilt and then lay it out.  I will dig in my light prints and see what else I can find.
 I started the Farm Girl Vintage sew along and joined the Facebook group to go with it and promptly signed up for a tablerunner swap.  This lovely table topper was made by Nelly Homes of Australia.
 This is the tablerunner I made and mailed off to a woman in Australia, I can't say her name yet!  I used fabrics from the Day Sail line.  I love how it looks old but modern too.  I am very behind on keeping up with all the other blocks on the sew along though!
I am excited to go on a retreat next year in western Washington.  It's a bit of a drive but I will meet people I have known for years via an online group on yahoo.  I need to get my projects ready.

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Ramona said...

You've been busy with your row by row blocks. They look great all sewn together in the twin size quilt. This years blocks have been more interesting than last year, I think. I've thought about joining in on the tumbler fun and may do it. Yours is going to be a beauty.I'm not good about using the leaders/enders. I start them and then want the quilt finished, so end up sewing it all at once. :)

Mary said...

I love your Rows. I'm still playing with mine. None of the shops I went t had the License Plate fabric. Are you going to RR Retreat? That is a fun group.

Churn Dash said...

What a treat to see your row by row quilt. Living close to the Atlantic most of the blocks I got are ocean themed. It's so fun to see what other parts of the country are doing. I love yours!

Cindy said...

Its great to see so many Row by Row quilts being finished. We have given away over 200 patterns already at the shop! Definitely popular. :) Your quilt looks great.