Friday, July 02, 2010

Quilt Contest

I entered a quilt contest on Quilting Gallery called Friendships. The voting is open through Sunday. The first quilt I made using this pattern is shown on my webshots. I couldn't find a picture of it here, although I know it's on a CD somewhere so click on the link!

I have shown this before, but we are revisiting it. When my friend Deb saw the above mentioned quilt in 2008 she fell in love with it. That surprised me as she was not a big batik fan. For her birthday in 2009 I made her this version of the quilt. I used a very, very thin batting because with her emphysema she couldn't handle weight on her. Also in 2009 I pieced my own queen size one. I quilted it this year and hadn't shown a picture of it finished yet so I've included it below.This is my queen size version followed by a quilting closeup.

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Melissa said...

I love both quilts. Is the bottom one a quilt that you were quilting during the retreat two years ago?